Digital Marketing Easier Than Ever with DIY Apps

With the rise of the internet comes the rise of digital marketing as way to market products and services. Mobile technology has become so advanced over the past ten years, which is why mobile applications are so readily available to consumers. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations do not have the funds to develop mobile apps, … [Read more…]

Why You Should Personalize Your Emails

How many times have you opened an email to find nothing but a generic, automatically generated message? These days, spam is an all too common problem in the world of email marketing, but if you’re the person behind the spam, you should realize just how much business those uninspired email blasts could be costing you. … [Read more…]

Why People Aren’t Reading Your Emails

You may or may not remember a time when getting a message in your inbox was still a rather novel idea. In fact, in the early days of email, logging on to your computer and hearing the words “you’ve got mail” was not only a welcome experience, but an exciting one at that. These days, … [Read more…]

The Future of Online Advertising

How Businesses can be Successful with New Online Advertising Tools Online platforms like Google and Facebook are constantly improving their advertising technologies to connect users to relevant products and advertisers to relevant audiences. The current advertising landscape calls for a combination of PPC, content marketing, and social. To take full advantage of the tools available … [Read more…]

Facebook vs. Youtube: Social Giant FB Moves Aggressively into Video


When one tech giant starts breaking into another’s domain, you know you’re in for a spectacle. Video is the future. It’s taking over content marketing. Even long-standing SEO software companies like Market Samurai are reinventing themselves as facilitators of video content. In the realm of online video content, Youtube reigns supreme. It’s the world’s largest … [Read more…]